1. When will the site be ready?

FindBikers is live and fully-functional. The site went live in March of 2014 to all the bikers who requested pre-launch invites. The FindBikers Android app was made available soon thereafter. Our site is mobile-friendly for bikers on other mobile platforms like iOS and Windows Phone. If you don't have an account yet, get started right away by signing up with your Facebook or BikerOrNot account.

2. What if I don't have Facebook or BikerOrNot?

Right now we only support bikers who have a profile with one of these two services. This provides us important information and allows us to offer the most rewarding experience for matching riders. As the site expands, we will explore adding other options.

3. What about women that own a bike or men that want to fill a backseat?

FindBikers primary goal is to bring together like-minded bikers looking for a riding partner. We recognize that this may come in different shapes, sizes, seats, and other configurations of bikers and motorcycles. So, if you're a biker and maybe the words on the site don't match your situation exactly, you're still welcome to give it a shot and see what you find.

4. Why doesn't FindBikers have more features?

We aim to keep the process of finding a riding partner simple. We firmly believe all of the pieces required to accomplish that goal are already in FindBikers. More features will be added, but we want to ensure they don't degrade the experience by planing, testing, and implementing each one carefully. In our experience, a simple and easy-to-use app can be vastly more useful than a bloated app with tons of features that are unneeded, irrelevant, or poorly designed.

5. How do I view profiles?

FindBikers works by suggesting potential riding partners one at a time. Once signed in, click the FindBikers logo or the FindBikers options from the main menu. You will see individual profiles to rate. You should also note that profiles currently only include: name, location, age, and a picture. Once you have a mutual match, you will be notified, and you can view this information again from the Matches section in the main menu. If you want to learn more about a mutual match, take it to the next level, and chat with the person in the Messages section, again from the main menu.

6. Where is the main menu?

Once signed into FindBikers, you access the main menu by clicking, or touching, this triple white dash icon in the upper-left coner:
Example menu icon. Does not work.

7. Who is on FindBikers?

Bikers from all around the United States, and beyond. Here's a map of just some of the bikers who've found us so far:
FindBikers membership map

8. How can I help make FindBikers better?

The easiest thing to do is tell your fellow bikers. The more bikers we'll have to show and the better our matching algorithm will work. You can tell them in person and on social networking sites, like BikerOrNot and Facebook. Here's a quick link to help you Like and Share us on Facebook:

9. I've got a question or an idea, can I send it to you?

Absolutely, we love feedback of any kind. Send us an email at: support@findbikers.com.